XML-RPC method texy1.toHtml

Converts text in Texy syntax to XHTML. Returns base64 string.

text required base64 Input text. Text can be compressed using gzdeflate(), see config ‘compress’.
configuration optional struct This is explained below.

Configuration parameter details

All sub-parameters are optional.

compress boolean TRUE when input and output text is compressed
utf boolean TRUE when input is encoded in UTF-8 (default)
safeMode boolean $texy->safeMode()
singleLine boolean use $texy->process(..., TRUE)
allowedClasses boolean or array $texy->allowedClasses
allowedStyles boolean or array $texy->allowedStyles
allowedTags boolean or struct $texy->allowedTags
obfuscateEmail boolean $texy->obfuscateEmail
mergeLines boolean $texy->mergeLines
blockModule.allowed.pre boolean $texy->blockModule->allowed->pre
blockModule.allowed.text boolean $texy->blockModule->allowed->text
blockModule.allowed.html boolean $texy->blockModule->allowed->html
formatterModule.lineWrap int $texy->formatterModule->lineWrap
formatterModule.indent boolean $texy->formatterModule->indent
headingModule.allowed.surrounded boolean $texy->headingModule->allowed->surrounded
headingModule.allowed.underlined boolean $texy->headingModule->allowed->underlined
headingModule.top int $texy->headingModule->top
headingModule.balancing int $texy->headingModule->balancing
imageModule.root string $texy->imageModule->root
imageModule.linkedRoot string $texy->imageModule->linkedRoot
imageModule.leftClass string $texy->imageModule->leftClass
imageModule.rightClass string $texy->imageModule->rightClass
imageModule.defaultAlt string $texy->imageModule->defaultAlt
imageDescModule.boxClass string $texy->imageDescModule->boxClass
imageDescModule.leftClass string $texy->imageDescModule->leftClass
imageDescModule.rightClass string $texy->imageDescModule->rightClass
linkModule.allowed.link boolean $texy->linkModule->allowed->link
linkModule.allowed.email boolean $texy->linkModule->allowed->email
linkModule.allowed.url boolean $texy->linkModule->allowed->url
linkModule.allowed.quickLink boolean $texy->linkModule->allowed->quickLink
linkModule.allowed.references boolean $texy->linkModule->allowed->references
linkModule.root string $texy->linkModule->root
linkModule.emailOnClick string $texy->linkModule->emailOnClick
linkModule.imageOnClick string $texy->linkModule->imageOnClick
linkModule.popupOnClick string $texy->linkModule->popupOnClick
linkModule.forceNoFollow boolean $texy->linkModule->forceNoFollow
smiliesModule.allowed boolean $texy->smiliesModule->allowed
smiliesModule.root string $texy->smiliesModule->root
smiliesModule.class string $texy->smiliesModule->class
quoteModule.allowed.line boolean $texy->quoteModule->allowed->line
quoteModule.allowed.block boolean $texy->quoteModule->allowed->block

Fault reporting

Errors returned by the server:

Error code & message Description
1 Unknown method Returned if the server was asked to dispatch a method it didn't know about
2 Invalid return payload This error is actually generated by the client, not server, code, but signifies that a server returned something that couldn't understand.
3 Incorrect parameters This error is generated when the server has signature(s) defined for a method, and the parameters passed by the client do not match any of signatures.
4 Can't introspect: method unknown This error is generated by the builtin system.*() methods when any kind of introspection is attempted on a method undefined by the server.
5 Didn't receive 200 OK from remote server This error is generated by the client when a remote server doesn't return HTTP/1.1 200 OK in response to a request. A more detailed error report is appended to the phrase above.
100– XML parse errors Returns 100 plus the XML parser error code for the fault that occurred. The faultString returned explains where the parse error was in the incoming XML stream.
10 Type mismatch Parameter have not expected type
11 Can't decompress input text Can't decompress text using gzinflate() method.


The following example converts short text Hello **world** to XHTML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>