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You can use Texy if you like:

  • bold font or italic
  • and this is how to link
  • see syntax for more information

But you can also stay with HTML:

  • like this HTML
  • Or even totally stupid, Texy will solve it

Generated HTML code:

<h1 id="toc-welcome">Welcome!</h1>

<p>You can use Texy if you like:</p>

	<li><strong>bold</strong> font or <em>italic</em></li>

	<li>and this is how to <a href="https://texy.info">link</a></li>

	<li>see <a href="/en/syntax">syntax</a> for more information</li>

<p>But you can also stay with HTML:</p>

	<li>like this <b>HTML</b></li>

	<li>Or even <b class="xx">totally <i>stupid</i></b><i>, Texy will

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