Texy allows you to enter content using an easy to read Texy syntax which is filtered into structurally valid HTML. No knowledge of HTML is required. Texy is one of the most complex formatting tools. It allows adding of images, links, nested lists, tables and has full support for CSS.

Texy supports hyphenation of long words (which reflects language rules), clickable emails and URL (emails are obfuscated against spambots), national typographic single and double quotation marks, ellipses, em dashes, dimension sign, nonbreakable spaces (e.g. in phone numbers), acronyms, arrows and many others.

Texy is being developed by David Grudl since 2004. It is written in PHP.

Texy is licenced by BSD and GNU General Public License. Plugins for several content-management systems are available.


  • simple, intuitive and human friendy markup
  • generate clean and valid HTML code
  • may be used together with syntax highlighter
  • designed with proper typography in mind
  • supports hyphenation

Why Texy

  • bulletproof – ensures the well-formedness of the resulting code
  • predectable behaviour
  • flexible configuration